Winter Hair Care

Heyy guys 

It has truly been a while since I have written a post about something worthwhile and I won't apologise for it since I was busy.
Nonetheless, it feels good to be back, refreshed and ready to write new exciting posts.
I however, thank those who have read ever single one of my posts, even those that weren't so great haha.  
After a while contemplating on what to write for a post I decided since it is currently winter why not talk about hair care. For me personally, this is the time my hair is the least cooperative when needing to be styled. It tends to get static and dry due to a lack of moisture in the air which can be damaging.
I tried every possible hair oil and spray to control my stubborn hair in the colder months and finally I came across two products which I don't know how I lived without.
These two products help prevent frizziness, dryness, and unnecessary static for both wet and dry hair which can be annoying.

The first product being the Pantene Pro-V Serum which is helpful for those with hard to tame hair and have recently dyed their hair. You need a small amount no bigger than a five cent coin to spread evenly on wet hair by gently running your palms and fingers through them. It also smells amazing which is a bonus! I would like to applaud Pantene for how long this product lasts in your hair and not having to buy a new bottle for months. This product has honestly helped my hair gain moisture, eliminate the dryness, frizziness and static that my hair is prone to in winter. 
I highly recommend this product for those who are having similar issues.

The next item that I opt for when my hair is dry or on its second day of being unwashed is the   Schwarzkopf Satin Frizz Control Straightening Spray. It is vital to spray it evenly around your hair even underneath in those hard to get spots. This should be done before you straighten or curl your hair for the best results. After that, you just brush through your hair to spread it out as evenly as possible.

Then you can simply style your hair how you would usually do it without the annoying static and dry feeling.

Hope you enjoyed this post and if this helps one person with their hair problems then I am pleased!
Let me know what hair products you use in the colder months?

Lots of love
     Nrutya xx    

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